The Best Hair Salons in Singapore

Finding a good hair salon in Singapore can be a daunting task. After all, there are so many options to choose from, but which one is the best? In this article, we'll discuss some of the best options in Singapore. Here, you'll find information on several popular brands, including TIGI, Aveda, Vintage Salon, and Salon Vim. If you're considering a hair salon in Singapore, consider these tips to make the process as simple as possible. hair salon singapore 


TIGI, a leading Japanese hair salon, is opening a 1,600-square-foot salon in Singapore. The hair salon is headed by Hidero Nakagami, a Japanese creative director with more than 30 years of experience. He will be overseeing the first TIGI professional salon in Singapore. Prices start from around S$100 for a hair colouring session and can rise to $900 for a colouring session with a salon creative director.


If you want to get the best look in town, consider visiting an Aveda hair salon in Singapore. This brand is known for combining the fine art of hairdressing with the best ingredients from Aveda. The services offered at an Aveda hair salon in Singapore include award-winning hair colours, haircuts, and AVEDA Botanical Therapy Hair & Scalp treatment. For special occasions, this salon offers wedding-themed hairstyles, event styling, and bespoke bridal plans.

Vintage Salon

Having seven hair salons in Singapore is no easy feat. This place is renowned for its vintage decor and a staff that specializes in hair care. The salons are not limited to one type of hairstyle, however, and they offer a variety of hair services. Guests can enjoy head massages, complimentary coffee or tea, and expert advice from their stylists. Guests can also try out new styles and colors at the salon, including the latest trends in hair design and styling.

Salon Vim

The Hair Texture & Balayage Experts at this Singapore hair salon have been bringing innovative Hair & Scalp Solutions to clients since 2009. Their in-house treatments are geared towards the humidity and climate in the region. As a result, their clients enjoy alluring looks, without the need to visit a hair salon in other cities. The stylists at this hair salon in Singapore are committed to delivering the highest standards of service.

Act Point Hair Salon

You'll find some of the finest hair designers in Singapore at Act Point Hair Salon. They'll use only the highest quality products to give you the best hairstyles possible. They'll also consistently deliver extraordinary service. Visit this salon today to experience the difference! Read on to learn more about the services offered at Act Point Hair Salon in Singapore. Listed below are some of their highlights. The salon is also family-owned and operated, so you'll get the attention you deserve.


There are several reasons to visit a Kimage hair salon in Singapore. Whether it is bad hair or frizzy locks, this salon can fix the problem. The city's year-round heat and humidity may cause damage to your hair. Kimage's master hairstylists are trained to understand the needs of their clients, including the shape of their face. They are able to style your hair according to your facial features and budget.